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Deadwood update


January 25 2012

I have been improving Deadwood's resolution of domains with a bugfix as well as a new SQA test.

The other night, I discovered that the recent changes to the CNAME chasing as well as the LRU hash code made it impossible to resolve one particular domain. I have fixed this bug.

In addition, I have added a new SQA test (which isn't an automated regression but a test run by hand) that checks to see which domains in an older list of the Alexa top 500 (now top 497) do not resolve.

Running this test several times and seeing which domains do not resolve has resulted in me tuning Deadwood to have a default num_retries of 5 instead of 2. This greatly reduces the number of non-resolving domains in the Alexa list starting with an empty cache.

It can be downloaded here:

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