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2011 Wrap-up


December 24 2011

Now that the year is wrapping up, here is a look at what I accomplished with MaraDNS in 2011 and my future plans.

MaraDNS in 2011

Not counting the changes to Deadwood, in 2011 I made five different releases that fixed some 12 different bugs and added three new minor features to MaraDNS, as well as making revisions to the documentation.

Deadwood in 2011

In 2011, I applied 14 different bug fixes to Deadwood, added two new minor features (--pid for Duende and reject_ptr), added a lot of code to speed up Deadwood's resolution of host names, made Deadwood's parser more pedantic, and made documentation as well as SQA updates.

Other 2011 accomplishments

Yesterday, I went over the 2011 accomplishments for my web page design. In addition, I did a lot of cool stuff at my day job for Flight Lookup Services, managed to go the whole year without making a single edit to the Wikipedia, said a (hopefully) final goodbye to Usenet, and published some 143 blog entries which I hope you guys have enjoyed reading.

Looking ahead

I hope 2012 is a very prosperous year and that our economy finally starts to significantly recover.

At this point, MaraDNS and Deadwood are finished. I have no plans to add significant new features to either program. Right now, I have received enough contributions to babysit the mailing list and fix non-critical bugs until mid-March.

I will, of course, fix critical bugs without sponsorship, but support above and beyond that depends on the amount of my users' contributions.

Merry Christmas everyone

I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you all in 2012!

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