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ObHack 007.3


December 10 2011

ObHack 007.3 released

Fritz has made and I have uploaded ObHack 007.3. This is an update to ObHack, a random map generator for Doom and other games that use the Doom engine. It can be downloaded here:
Deploying the updated web site

I am in the process of deploying the updated web site design. This new design looks virtually identical to the previous design in modern desktop browsers, but the stylesheets and HTML layout are revised to look better both on older browsers and on smart phones as well as other mobile devices.

There are a lot of web pages on the web site, so it may take a few weeks to fully deploy the new design. Right now, the main web pages, as well as the blog and the ObHack webpage have been updated with the revised design. Other web pages will be slowly updated.

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