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Thanksgiving thoughts


November 23 2011


Funding received from my November 2011 fund drive is being used to improve Deadwood (MaraDNS 2's recursive resolver).

Right now, I am working on improving Deadwood's handling of incomplete CNAME records. This is to speed up Deadwood's resolving of records where an incomplete CNAME with a long TTL points to a record with a short TTL.

Once that is done, I will update Deadwood to use more precise timestamps, so that Deadwood can more quickly resolve domains with non-responsive DNS servers.

My work so far can be looked at here:
Web site update

I finally had a chance to see how my web site looks in the iPhone and the iPad. The site was remarkably readable, and the ads on the right hand side aren't a problem. The only real issue is that the text is a little small on the iPhone; I have updated the CSS for mobile browsers to make the text larger.

Newer mobile devices render the site well enough that I won't have to do an overhaul of its design in 2012; while the text ads are sometimes too small to be readable (without a pinch zoom), my contract with Google doesn't require me to make the text readable on all platforms. It only requires me to keep the ads visible, which they are.


In an older blog entry, I incorrectly state that divorces will start happening after the second adultery. They won't because, after the second adultery happens, each adultery victim will think that the other adultery victim thinks that there are no adulteries in the village.

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