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Deadwood snapshot


November 13 2011

In today's snapshot of Deadwood, I have added a patch that fixes an issue Deadwood has had with easyDNS' hosts.

It can be downloaded here:
Time stamps

I'm also doing some research on getting a timestamp with fraction-of-a-second information. The way to do it in POSIX is with clock_gettime; the way to do it in Windows is with GetSystemTimeAsFileTime. While Mac OS X is a certified UNIX, as it turns out it doesn't have clock_gettime; it uses something else called mach_absolute_time.

Since I don't have a Mac around, when and if I add support for more accurate timestamps, Deadwood will no longer be Mac compatible. People who wish to use Deadwood on a Macintosh are welcome to buy me a fully decked out Core i7 11.6" Macbook Air so I can do a proper port. And, yes, it needs to be a Macbook Air, needs to be 11.6", and needs to have a core i7 chip.

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