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November 8 2011

(Update: I have gotten a very kind donation from Bradley at Northtech. This meets level one: I till be able to release Deadwood 3.0.05, MaraDNS 2.0.04, and MaraDNS 1.4.07 this coming month, as well as answer email on the list)

Unfortunately, I have not received my usual MaraDNS donation yet this month from my usual sponsor. He has told me that it may be difficult for him to make funds available to donate to the MaraDNS cause; I told him to not donate any more than he can freely afford.

Without his donation, MaraDNS presently is only getting income from its ads. This income is very minimal and only covers hosting expenses. I am not interested in making the ads more numerous nor in making the ads more obnoxious in order to increase my income; asking for sponsorship has been far more fruitful.

Unlike other open source projects, MaraDNS currently does not have income coming from academic or government sources, nor does it benefit from corporate sponsorship.

If I can get sponsorship totaling $100 each month, I will be able to continue maintaining both the 1.4 and 2.0 branch with basic bug fixes, supply critical security fixes for the 1.3 branch, as well as providing basic support on the mailing list. If I can get sponsorship totaling $200 each month, I will also be able to supply critical security fixes for the 1.2 and 1.0 branches of MaraDNS, as well as continuing to work on improving Deadwood's recursive resolution (speeding up resolution speed and ensuring that Deadwood is fully ipv6 ready).

If I can get sponsorship totaling $300 each month, I will remove the ads from both and

As soon as a given level of sponsorship ($100, $200, or $300) is reached for a given month, I will inform the mailing list.

Anyone who sponsors MaraDNS will have their name listed on the sponsors page at (unless they explicitly tell me that they wish their sponsorship to be anonymous), be congratulated on the mailing list, and will be happy knowing their contribution helps make continued MaraDNS development possible.

To sponsor MaraDNS, please send a Paypal donation to or click on the donate link at Note that this email address is only used for PayPal donations and I do not answer email sent to it.

If you wish me to provide a specialized MaraDNS feature, please let me know what you wish in private email and we can discuss rates.

In the case I do not get any more sponsorship, I would still continue to provide basic bug fixes for MaraDNS 2.0 as well as Deadwood, in addition to providing critical security bug fixes for MaraDNS 1.4 and MaraDNS 1.3 (1.3 will only be supported until December 21, 2012). I, alas, would no longer be able to acknowledge bug reports nor provide any other support on the mailing list, and would only work on MaraDNS/Deadwood once a month.

For MaraDNS not to wither and eventually die, financial sponsorship is essential. If you can afford to, please make a contribution to ensure that MaraDNS continues to thrive and improve.

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