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October 27 2011

One issue that has been annoying me is DNS timeouts wating to get a PTR ("reverse DNS lookup") answer when there isn't one (such as when the system is not on the net, etc.). Since I need my system to be just as responsive to do the software development I'm doing for my day job when the system is not online, I needed to resolve the slow DNS timeout problems.

So, I hacked together a special version of Deadwood which will instantly reject any PTR queries...this is currently hard-coded in to the program, but hopefully I will have time to add a reject_ptr parameter early next month sometime.

I also need to improve reject_aaaa so Deadwood instantly gives out the answer, instead of waiting for a reply from upstream (I have already written most of this code when I did today's hack to Deadwood).

It can be downloaded here:
I plan to work on MaraDNS/Deadwood without sponsorship again one day next month, before the 15th; if I get some sponsorship, I will work on MaraDNS again sooner.

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