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MaraDNS update


October 8 2011

Thanks to a contribution from a sponsor, I have been able to allocate some more time this month to work on MaraDNS and Deadwood.

Harlan Bloom reported having problems using Deadwood to resolve names on his internal network. After troubleshooting the problem with him, I discovered that he was trying to resolve 192.168.1.x IPs without adding filter_rfc1918 = 0 to his dwood3rc file.

Since this is the second time someone has had an issue like this, I have updated the default dwood3rc files to describe and explain the filer_rfc1918 parameter.

It can be downloaded here:
Karim Malhas has reported a bug with MaraDNS' csv2 parser when using the /read directive. I have been able to confirm the existence of this bug and have example configuration files that reproduce said bug, and will hopefully have time in the next few days to fix the bug.

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