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MaraDNS update


October 5 2011

I have fixed the following issues in today's release of MaraDNS:
  • Nicholas Bamber pointed out two issues with MaraDNS' documentation. I have updated the script that updates MaraDNS to resolve these issues.
  • AngelD discovered that the zoneserver would not return all records if a zone file has a lot of FQDN4 records. The bug took me about an hour to hunt down and find:

    The zoneserver uses a temporary buffer of records when sending them out. This buffer is 30 records in size, which usually isn't a problem because the zoneserver only loads 20 records before sending the records down the wire and flushing the buffer. However, since each FQDN4 (and FQDN6) record adds two records to the buffer, we only get the first 15 records before the buffer is full and some records get dropped.

    The fix is simple: I expanded the buffer so that it now fits 64 records.

It can be downloaded here:
The next day I plan to work on MaraDNS/Deadwood without sponsorship is on one day next month, before the 15th. In other words, I will volunteer one day to babysitting MaraDNS between November 1 and November 15.

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