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TinyVZ update


August 16 2011

I'm still hacking away at TinyVZ.

Working with Busybox can be really frustrating. I tried to update the system to Busybox 1.19; that did not work. The issue is that Busybox 1.19 expects the build toolchain to have a full-blown printf() that can take a large number of arguments; unfortunately, the printf() included with older releases of uClibc can only accept 9 arguments or less.

So I would have to update uClibc to compile a newer release of Busybox. Which is non-trivial, since I would probably need to cross-compile the newer uClibc, as well as the entire core GNU build toolchain (make, binutils, and gcc), as well as Busybox to update everything. Since this is a "for fun and for free" project, that is just too much work for what I getting paid ($0.00), so I'm not going to bother.

What I have done, however, is update Busybox's "passwd" app to have a "-s" option that allows a password to be read from stdin. This will make it possible to make the relevant shell scripts vzctl uses to reset passwords.

In addition, I have renamed this custom Busybox "TinyVZ" instead of "Moam-CD", fixed the install of uClibc so we have symlinks, not copies, of the relevant library aliases, and am updating the files in /etc so I can write vzctl scripts to add and remove IPs, as well as reset the hostname.

It can be downloaded here:
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