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Updating the ads


July 3 2011

After running ads on for a week, I have enough data to get a sense of how much revenue I get from ads. Looking at the data:

  • Text-based ads pay a tiny bit more than "rich media" ads. Since I have always found a animated ads annoying, and I haven't found a way to disable animated and flash ads without disabling static image ads, the web page is now going to have only text ads.
  • I am not going to buy a brand new airplane any time soon with the ad revenue from this site, but it looks like the ads will give me enough money to cover hosting and domain registration expenses.
  • I am happy enough with the change in mindset toward this site because of the ads--it is now a potential source of income instead of yet another expense in my life--that I plan on adding ads to in the near future. I have already modified that layout a little to accommodate ads with the design, and a live demo of the design is at
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