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June 28 2011

In order to have no longer be an expense but instead be a self-sustaining website I have added ads to the site. I am doing this in an unobtrusive way; I have adapted the right-hand bar which was displaying recent blog posts to instead display ads for the majority of pages on this site.

I do not expect to make a lot of income at this; my goal is to have the ads cover the web hosting and domain registration costs. If I'm lucky, I may be able to take my wife out to dinner at AppleBee's once a month from the ad revenue after covering expenses.

I am using Google AdSense to serve the ads; Google is a very good ad provider with a lot of integrity. There will not be any pop-up, nor "pop under" ads placed here, nor ads that cover the content; there is a clear boundary between the site's content and the advertising space.

For people using adblock to block the ad, I humbly request that you find another way to block distracting ads. Yes, I get as annoyed as you do with animated ads. This is why I use a combination of an animated GIF stopper as well as a Flash blocker to block the animated ads--with the added benefit that I have more protection from Flash security holes. Text-based as well as static image ads are still visible, allowing me to support websites that use ethical advertising to pay their bills. There is also an interesting Ars Technica article on ad blocking technologies.

It is my hope that these ads result in a win-win situation. They are a win for me because they help cover the expenses hosting my websites, and may even give me some pocket change to boot. They are a win for you because their presence helps ensure that I will be able to keep this site and its quality content online.

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