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June 4 2011

You know, I thought I had the design to this web page done over two weeks ago. But then, I discovered that it's now possible to embed fonts in web pages and have it render in the majority of web browsers. So, I touched up the webpage to utilize a custom font.

I have hopefully finished that up. Testing of the custom font on Linux-based browsers revealed some rendering problems that I fixed by having only one (instead of two) versions of the custom font, and then tweaking the CSS to have the font look nice at all of the sizes I use for it. This Linux fixup has the side effect of having the fonts look nicer in Windows (especially the Safari browser).

I have also replaced the text saying "Sam Trenholme's webpage" at the top of each page with a transparent PNG image. This is to work around an issue in Internet Explorer, which doesn't support CSS text shadows (not even in IE9).

I actually have both the text and the PNG image at the top; the PNG image is shown to users using desktop browsers, and the text is shown to mobile users. Users of non-CSS-compliant browsers (Dillo and OffByOne) will see both; this is a non-issue since these browsers have almost no users.

So, hopefully, the web page redesign for 2011 is once and for all done. Indeed, things are getting busy at my day job so I won't have time to work on the web page design for the foreseeable future.

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