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MaraDNS; the PROTECT act


May 27 2011

As I blogged about two weeks ago, I would not make any updates to MaraDNS today unless users posted bugs or support concerns. That didn't happen, so there's no need to work on MaraDNS today.

The next day I plan to work on MaraDNS/Deadwood is two weeks from today: June 10, 2011. If there are no reported bugs, I will update Deadwood to version 3.0.03.

Some DNS experts have written a paper pointing out their issues with the PROTECT IP act.

As a DNS expert and implementer, I do not feel the clauses in the PROTECT IP act are too onerous. The PROTECT IP act only requires a DNS operator to disable resolution of a domain if they are served with papers ordering them to disable the domain. As it turns out, this is easy enough to do in Deadwood, and most users of Deadwood would not be served with papers.

This does not affect Deadwood nor MaraDNS, but I should point out that because of how DJBdns' dnscache is written, blacklisting a large number of domains without killing performance requires changes being made to that source code.

In terms of DNSSEC, one way to allow this would be to have a second "root key" that can sign PROTECT-IP blacklisted domains.

In terms of issues with piracy, I have mixed feelings. I do not think pirating content is always morally wrong (for example, downloading the electronic version of a book one purchased, or the no-CD version of a video game one owns), but I do find the entitlement mentality that many users of the internet have very irritating; ultimately, there is no such thing as a free lunch (TINSTAAFL). Indeed, I came to a point where I needed to stop non-bugfix MaraDNS development because I realized I was working too hard on MaraDNS for me to continue doing it without getting paid.

Speaking of which, I haven't gotten a single donation since allowing MaraDNS users to donate again two weeks ago. If you find MaraDNS useful, and can afford to pass me a few dollars, I would love it if you would made a donation; the click to donate button is on the MaraDNS home page.

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