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T40E: Atom killer


May 23 2011

AMD has just released two new chips: The single-core T40R and dual-core T40E. These chips, looking at their specs, are nearly identical to the C-30 and C-50 chips currently on the market. The only difference is that they have a lower TDP--they use less energy (and generate less heat) to generate the same amount of computing performance.

Indeed, the dual-core T40E has identical specs to the C-50: 1.0 ghz clock speed, a 512kb cache for each core, and an included 6250 GPU which can perform both 3D graphics rendering and numerical calculations.

Unlike the C-50 (9W TDP), the T40E had a TDP of only 6.4W. This is less than the 6.5W that the Atom N455 uses, and much less than the N550/N570 (8.5W).

Assuming this chip has the same performance as the C-50, we can use this excellent netbooklive article to get a good idea of how it performs; we can also look at the C-50's Passmark score. To summarize: Faster CPU performance (Passmark 460) than the N455 (PM of 317), but slower than the N550 (PM 561) or N570 (PM 645); faster GPU performance (PM of 198) than the Atom chips (PM of 69), even if the system has an ION chip (PM of 118).

In other words, the T40E, using the same amount of power as an Atom N455, has superior CPU performance (comparable to the N550) and far superior gaming (GPU) performance.

The AMD T40E is an Atom killer. Intel has to significantly increase performance when they release their Cedar Trail chips or they will lose the Netbook market to AMD.

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