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Web page redesign


May 17 2011

I am wrapping up the 2011 redesign of the web page and blog. I started by fixing how this web page looks in mobile browsers; once that was done, I replaced the entire web page by a mostly entire new design, as I mentioned here.

Today, I worked on redesigning the blog so that it looks more professional. A lot of the work was setting up the automation scripts to use the new design. The web page is static web pages modified by *NIX scripts; I prefer not to use a database back end because that's one less moving part that can break.

I tested the design in the "big five" browsers: Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. There was only one minor issue in Safari with the iframe on the right-hand side of the pages; this was fixed after a single Google search. Internet Explorer (IE) gave the most issues; while it rendered fine in IE9, I had to fix an issue rendering the page in Internet Explorer 7 and 8. I made my life easier by performing no IE 6 testing; I no longer support Internet Explorer 6.

The new design looks remarkably good in Dillo and is perfectly usable on mobile cell phones.

This hopefully will be the last revision to this site's design for a while.

To post a comment about an entry (or about the new design of this web site), send me an email and I may or may not post your comment (with or without editing)