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Facebook viruses


May 15 2011

One of my friends in Facebook recently got stung by a virus; I was able to look at the source code for the virus before Facebook's security team removed it.

The virus is written in straightforward Javascript and does the following:

  • The virus assumes that someone is logged in to their Facebook account.
  • The virus uses XMLHttpRequest to post a wall message telling people to download the virus. This is posted to all of the user's friend's pages.
  • The virus then redirects the user to a page with an advertisement.

The way for browsers to protect themselves from this virus is simple: They should not allow people to enter Javascript code in one's location toolbar. Or, if that is too limiting, they should not allow XMLHttpRequest to be run in Javascript in a URL.

I have just revamped the web page design of my website. I always felt the old site design was a little too sparse; the new design is tighter. The new design also removes the dated photo of myself from the top of my web page.

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