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Firefox and Javascript


May 1 2011

Since my current gig is having me do a lot of heavy Javascript programming, I have installed all of the "Big 5" browsers on my netbook (Opera, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox).

After making a page with a lot of heavy Javascript, I discovered that Firefox is the slowest web browser for rendering Javascript. In more detail, I have some complicated javascript that modifies the DOM of a document. Firefox takes some 20 seconds to do a full run; MSIE 9 can do it in about nine seconds. The other three are lightning fast; Chrome can do it in about three seconds, Safari in two seconds, and Opera only takes about 1.5 seconds to run the same Javascript.

The main thing I like about Firefox is that it has a lot of add-ons and the ability to force all pages to be rendered using Verdana; then again, I like Opera because it looks to be the most lightweight browser to support modern web standards, as well as the fastest Javascript performance.

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