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du for Windows


April 10 2011

One thing that has always annoyed me is that the version of MSYS I use (MSYS 1.0 with 64-bit compatibility fixed; MSYS is a tiny Unix-like environment for Windows--think of it as "Cygwin light") is that it does not include a version of "du".

Finally, after being annoyed by this for a couple of years (and even going as far as installing Cygwin just so I would have "du"), I have implemented a version of du for Windows.

This program is very simple: It acts like "du -ab". Only directories can be given, not file names. Due to a bug in the program, directory names can not have a trailing slash. The program is large-file-size compatible.

In addition, I have made a program that supplies both the sizes of files and their "Radio Gatun 32" cryptographic sums.

Source code and Windows binaries are provided (compiles with MINGW). The programs are public domain.

It can be looked at here:

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