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MaraDNS updates


March 24 2011

As I blogged about before, I have made the transition from CentOS 5 to Scientific Linux 5. This affects MaraDNS development because CentOS 5 is no longer an officially supported platform. The officially supported platforms are now:
  • Scientific Linux 5
  • Windows 7
This change should have no practical effect on MaraDNS or Deadwood; the code is quite portable. "Not supported" doesn't mean "won't work"; it means "I won't help with problems one may have running MaraDNS or Deadwood on this OS".

Bryan Duff has reported on the MaraDNS list that zone transfers which start with a DNS-over-UDP query do not work. The solution is to modify the UDP server to send out a "truncated" reply to AXFR and IXFR requests.

The next day when I will work on MaraDNS is on April 15; I will address this issue on that day.

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