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On nuclear power


March 15 2011

For society to continue to function, we need to continue to have power. Otherwise, we will regress back to the dark ages.

This is a simple fact that the alarmist left conveniently forgets. Wind and solar power are simply not options--we simply do not get enough power from either of those sources to keep today's society running.

Until some way to utilize solar power efficiently enough to meet our energy needs is found, or the holy grail of nuclear fusion is achieved, we will have to use either fossil fuel or nuclear energy. Fossil fuels contribute to global warming, and will run out within 100 years. Nuclear energy has significant risks if poorly designed (such as the Chernobyl disaster), but it is the best option for sustaining society at our current technology level.

It dismays me greatly that the New York Times is devoting more column space to the issues Japan is having with one of their nuclear power stations after the horrible earthquake and tsunami than to all of the rest of the combined effects of this tradegy.

The level of ignorance about nuclear power, both with the journalists and with the people posting comments there, is apalling.

Thankfully, there are more informed people out there. I am reading updates from, written by someone who truly understands the technology and its risks. In addition, I greatly enjoyed reading a piece from the Wall Street Journal, with a more calm and balanced view of the issues with nuclear power.

Is nuclear power 100% safe? No, of course not. But, compared to the alternatives, it is the best energy source possible with today's technology.

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