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Automating the blog


March 6 2011

I am in the process of updating the blog. I am still keeping the files as flat files; this saves me from having to deal with annoyances like the webpage going down if the SQA server dies, and results in faster performance (all the web server has to do is fetch the HTML file from disk and give it to the user).

However, I spent yesterday writing scripts that update the blog indexes which I run every time I make a blog entry. I have a Perl script which converts one or more blog entries in to one line pipe-separated summaries. I have another another script (mainly AWK) that takes that summary and converts it in to the blog indexes.

This makes it easier for me to write a blog entry, having the scripts do most of the work of indexing the entry.

To post a comment about an entry, send me an email and I may or may not post your comment (with or without editing)