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MaraDNS schedule


February 18 2011

As I mentioned a while ago, MaraDNS is now stable and the only changes will be, by and large, bug fixes.

Since I have cleaned out all of the pending post MaraDNS-2.0 issues, I have a sense of how much work I need to do to babysit Mara, and can, as a result, stabilize MaraDNS' development schedule. My plan is as follows:

  • People report bugs on the mailing list
  • I will note the bugs and queue them
  • Every other Friday, I will devote approximately half a day to MaraDNS/Deadwood development, clearing out the backlog of MaraDNS bugs. Should there be no bugs in the backlog, I will do other low-priority work (Cleaning up the webpage, adding more SQA regressions for Deadwood, backporting important MaraDNS 2.0 fixes to MaraDNS 1.4, improving Deadwood's recursion, etc.)
  • The updates will be available as snapshots.
  • I will, once every six months, make a new release of MaraDNS and/or Deadwood
The next planned day for working on MaraDNS is two weeks from today: March 4, 2011. The day after that for MaraDNS work will be March 18. Followed by April 1. Then April 15, April 29, May 13, May 27, etc. The next planned MaraDNS/Deadwood release is July 8.

Should there be a critical security issue, I will deviate from this schedule to make a hotfix available.

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