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Deadwood now installs


February 17 2011

Last December, Mike Sands pointed out that the Deadwood install is not complete when MaraDNS 2.0 is installed with "make install" (while Deadwood was installed in /usr/local/sbin/, the Deadwood man pages, default configuration, and system startup scripts were not installed). I have updated the install scripts to fully install Deadwood (binary, man pages, config file, and startup script) when one types in "make install" in MaraDNS 2.0.

Note that the default dwood3rc file for Deadwood will not work on systems without a working loopback IP (I believe some BSD systems do not have for loopback); this IP is used so that "make install" gives a user on CentOS 5.5 (and possibly other versions of Linux) a working MaraDNS and Deadwood configuration that works "out of the box" (MaraDNS listens on; Deadwood listens on

I tested this configuration by setting up a special virtual machine to make sure "make install" does the right thing on a CentOS 5.5 system that never installed MaraDNS before. In addition, I have updated "make uninstall" to fully uninstall "maradns.zoneserver" (as well as Deadwood).

The updated MaraDNS can be downloaded here:
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