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MaraDNS 2.0.02 released


February 5 2011

I have just released MaraDNS 2.0. This has the following updates:
  • Documentation updates
  • Applied Corey's patch that fixes a typo in fetchzone.c
  • Applied Yarin's patch that makes the "install.locations" script more flexible
  • I have adapted Yarin's patch that makes email addresses like 'john\' possible in SOA records.
  • Fixed an error message that stated we were running MaraDNS 1.2 (now says 2.0)
  • Updated the copyright statement to have the year 2011
  • Deadwood updated to Deadwood 3.0.02
  • Fixed security vulnerability CVE-2011-0520
Because of the critical nature of CVE-2011-0520, all users of MaraDNS 2.0 are encouraged to update to 2.0.02 at their soonest convenience.

It can be downloaded here:

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