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Goodbye MySpace


January 26 2011

I haven't used my myspace account in a while; in April of 2010, I posted my last blog entry there and only logged in once more last year.

While away from MySpace, they changed their privacy settings to make all of my old blog entries not readable. This morning, I logged in to MySpace to get an old blog entry from back in 2006 with some useful information.

I could not get the blog entry. Myspace now is far too much dog slow javascript and Web 2.0 bling. There is no handy way to look up an old blog entry; I had to press "more" over and over again at the bottom to read older entries. The process was so slow and tedious that I gave up when it went back to mid-2008.

Fortunately, I made a backup of the myspace blog I had. The files are in "mht" format; Firefox can read them using the "unmht" plugin, and they should be compatible with other browsers. The files can be looked at in the folder myspace-blog-archive. I will, over the next few months, re-post some of the more interesting MySpace blogs that I had.

Since I (and, yes, the rest of my circle of friends) have stopped using MySpace well over a year ago, I finally put the last nail in the coffin and canceled that account tonight. MySpace made the process difficult (you have to click on "I'm sure" about three times, check your email, and click on a link there, and click on "I'm sure" a couple more times) but I finally got through it and my account will be removed in the next few days.

And, oh, the useful information I wanted from the 2006 MySpace blog was some LAME settings for making a low-bandwidth spoken word MP3:

lame --preset sw --resample 16 --lowpass 4 --highpass .1 --noshort \
	file.wav file.mp3

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