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End-of-2010 MaraDNS status


December 24 2010

Since MaraDNS 2.0 has been released, I am, as I promised to do back in 2009 no longer adding new features to MaraDNS and Deadwood at the present time.

I, however, am still supporting MaraDNS (by answering emails posted to the mailing list when I have time). I am still fixing bugs in MaraDNS and Deadwood. Well, since I'm working 6-day weeks, I haven't had as much time to fix bugs as I would like, but I hope to make time to do this in 2011.

Here are the following known bugs in MaraDNS:

  • There is (or was) an issue with Deadwood resolving The issue has to do with the corner case where each packet Deadwood sees is under 512 bytes in size, but the final reassembled packet is over 512 bytes in size.
  • There is an issue with Deadwood resolving Akamai domains, because, while CNAME records are cached, these cached CNAME records aren't actually used. The domains do resolve, but slowly.
  • There is an issue with maradns handling ANY queries that result in a DNS packet larger than 512 bytes in size. MaraDNS does not give a proper "truncated" reply, and it appears the tcp "zoneserver" program can't resolve these names either.
  • "make install" does not appear to install Deadwood in MaraDNS 2.0
My last update to MaraDNS was last month, when I fixed a bug in Deadwood's built-in "DNSwall" functionality.

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