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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Re: HR-1555

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        I keep getting e-mail from people who want to know how to do the
speaker -> Sound Blaster and it's "cousin", the CD-Audio ->
8-bit Sound
Blaster hack.  So, here is the instructions I used to do my connecting:

                  Speaker to Sound Blaster Amplifier Converter

There has always been times that I would like to control my speakers volume
level ( louder or softer ) than what the pc does. Since the sound blaster uses
external speakers and incorporates an amplifier, I will show you a 1 wire
connection to make this simple adaptor..


1 micro hook radioshack 270-355 (if you don't want this permanent.
1 1,000 ohm resister (1Kohm) 1/4 watt will due..
1 shorting jumper radioshack 276-1512 (used to connect to motherboard)
manual from your mother board
sound blaster card
screwdriver, solder, soldering iron, tape or heat shrink tube, 12 inch or so
thin wire.

For temporary connection:

 micro hook          1k resistor           1 shorting jumper

(Tape or shrink any connections after solder or bare wire)

    Unplug your computer, open the case, remove the soundblaster card, with the
screwdriver. Identify R4 R3 by the mike jack, volume control.

                         Block diagram of sound blaster
                                                      R4    (A)   ----  |
                                                    --/\/\/\-|   ! MIC  |
                                                  -/\/\/\-|       ----  |
                                                   R3    (B)            |
                                                             () c38     |
                                                           () c37       |
                                                                     (( |
                                                                    ( volume
                                                                    ( control
                                                                     (( |

Connection points (A), (B) are the 2 separate channels (left speaker / right
speaker) which ever is best in your situation. Connect the micro hook clip to
either point (A) or point (B) but not both. Now you can put your sound blaster
card back into the computer slot.

 Next open your mother board manual. Read and identify the speaker jack.
on mine it is a 4 pin jack..   1)speaker data 2)no connect 3)ground 4)+5vdc.
Identify the SPEAKER DATA pin. Now connect the remaining wire from the sound
blaster, to the mother boards speaker data pin.

You are all ready to close the computer, and plug the power cord back in.

                   This Hardware Hack is made available form:
                          DIGITAL IMAGES (414) 338-9999

gone gone

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