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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Re: Femdom In Search of Naughty Boys

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From: (Richard Ebling)
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Subject: Re: Femdom In Search of Naughty Boys
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Date: 6 Nov 1995 07:15:17 GMT
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[followups trimmed to a.h. only]

Anne Schoofs ( wrote:
: Seriously, this is a chance of a lifetime.  I want all you naughty boys
: to contact me at once.  Do not delay.  Location is unimportant.
: Let me know how you've been naughty and what type of corrective
: punishment you deem appropriate.  It's time we clean up the net.
: Anne
: ---------------------------------------------------
: Anne Schoofs
:     Fax: 602 912 8823  Attn: RAS
: -------------------------------------------------

    Uhh, er.... Anne?

    I've been most naughty by neglecting to send a "Hey guys I figured
out how to post here" post.  I'll punish myself by sending the
ObResponseToUnObHackedPostEvenTho'ItsSoCleverIDon'tMindReally post.

    Your invitation is so lovely that I nearly missed the fact that you
didn't include an ObHack... However, now that I've regained consciousness, I
must ask you to include an ObHack in even the offtopic posts.  Otherwise
alt.hackers will become despoiled by everone else's useless drivel
driving out our own useless drivel.   [hmm, gang, whaddya think, maybe
the long-awaited solution to netabuse is to mailbomb spammers with
YouForgotToObHack replies??]

    But thanks anyway.


   Not that long ago, I was tending the little fellow when he decided to
exercise his lungs and vocal cords.  Status checks of all systems
indicated no defects;  all reservoirs had been emptied and fluids
replenished; operating temperature was within acceptable limits for this
3-month-old unit.  Cotton insulation was inspected and found to be within
operating tolerances; a chance inspection of a clock indicated that the
baby unit had been in service for excessive amount of time and had become
fatigued.  Unfortunately, this unit was known to require long periods in
wailing mode before entering sleep mode.

   Recalling a time when a friend's Fripp & Eno recordings had settled
him, I headed for the synthesizer (DX7) and found some nice Oberheim-like
bass sounds, and eventually found that a nice harmonic series suited him
well (D, D', D", A", D"', F#"', A"',D"")
but I couldn't walk and rock him
with my foot on the sustain pedal.  No heavy objects handy, small pedal
size made it hard to keep down.  Finally remembered that the sustain pedal
is a momentary switch, yanked the pedal cord and replaced it with a
handy unused patch cord then replayed the chord.  Voila! Yamaha must use a
momentary _open_ for their sustain (if not, I'd have had to do the

   The filial unit promptly sighed and settled down, as I walked and
rocked in a roomful of sound.  Greatly relieved stress on the parental
unit, as well.

   So this may be of some use to others--we've found that that kind of
monotonous sound really settles him; the harmonic series is easier for US
to tolerate for long periods (20 min or more, sometimes), and far better
than 2 hrs of yelling.  Use loudest volume on lowest notes, and play
highest (especially non-root tones) very softly.  Dole out corrective
punishment as deemed appropriate.

 Richard "Yes, I said _Newage_... You know... rhymes with _sewage_"
 []    Hacking life.


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