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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Re: Netscape Hack (first post) ALSO: S-VHS hack

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Juan Postlbauer <> wrote:
>ObHack: If it works, you are reading it. Patching Netscape 2.0b to
>enter self-moderated groups. I had to sacrify the "MIME-Version"
>,though. Don't know the consecuences this can have.

Buenos noches, Juan! I did a similar hack to my Netscape 1.2, except I
used the "Organization:" line. I changed that header to "Sender:
which effectively left me the "Your_Organization" line in the
setup to do
with as I please. I usually leave "Organization: xxxxx" in it, for
posting to "normal" groups, and I change it to "A______:
xxxxx" (never
can remember that word! :-)) for posting here. If you hardcoded the
word, be careful about posting to "true" moderated groups;
the moderators
will flame you beyond belief.

I am soliciting comments from any VCR-heads out there regarding this:


I just purchased a new S-VHS VCR. I also own a nice HiFi standard VHS
unit, and I have some top-of-the-line TDK standard VHS HiFi blanks on
hand. I examined the TDK and a Fuji S-VHS blank I had, and located the
S-VHS "trigger hole". I then drilled a corresponding hold on the
TDK in
an effort to fool the VCR into thinking this was a S-VHS tape.

Well, it fooled it alright, and after a review of the recording quality,
the sound and video both look very nice.

So, my question is: Other than the trigger hole, what differentiates a
S-VHS tape from a high quality VHS tape? Thanks in advance...


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