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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Re: Forged Post

Article: 8500 of alt.hackers
From: (Sir Twist)
Newsgroups: alt.hackers
Subject: Re: Forged Post
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 1995 16:06:47 GMT
Organization: Jackson's Whole
Lines: 71
Approved: yah-sure-yuh-betcha
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On 30 Aug 1995 18:45:29 GMT,
Gayman <> said:

|eh? what do yah think?


On 30 Aug 1995 18:49:46 GMT,
Fox Mulder <> said:


|| Jason Leane, Onsight Software        "Information yearns to be
||                                                                     |
||           -==MACB3TH==-                --Count ZerO|
||                                                                     |
||                     -=] PGP KEY UPON REQUEST [=-                    |

"NNTP-Posting-Host:" appears in both messages, and a
simple lookup tells me that they belong to

Your real username appears in the Path on the first one.

   pipex!!!!!not-for-mail!jleane        ---------

and the newsfeeds are the first ones I believe. Still, it's
better than I can do (basically, nada 8') ).

Oh yeah, wheres your

ObHack: Uh, errm. Make that ObHackToCome: We're gonna put in a second
phone line for the computer. I still want to use things the way I have
them hooked up through modem, answering machine, and then phone. The
phone has to be able to be switched between both lines, but the modem
has to connect to line 2. So I took an extension coupler... and my
brother took it away from me. HE opened that sucker up, teased the pins
out, and switched the lines around (you have to use the right kind of
coupler, some don't have the crimp-on pins attached to a short piece of
wire). So, as soon as line 2 is hooked up, just run it through that,
through the modem, then a line 1-2 switch (which is now reversed),
through the answering machine, then through the phone. Whew!

The important thing is to make sure that all connections (except the
last one, to the phone) are made with 4-conductor wires.

 To those lucid and  courageous minds who gave you the  Inquisition, the Salem
 witch trials, Falwell, Robertson and  the God-inspired rule of the Righteous.
 To those intrepid souls who fight with unflagging zeal to remove from librar-
 ies dangerous  books they have not  read and from theatres  those spiritually
 toxic films they have  not seen, believing that  thought is a controlled sub-
 stance and secular thinking hazardous to mental health.
           --Parke Godwin, in the dedication of _The_Snake_Oil_Wars_
 Sir Twist is John Alan Belli <or>
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