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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Re: No Posts

Article: 8462 of alt.hackers
From: (Russell)
Newsgroups: alt.hackers
Subject: Re: No Posts
Date: 26 Aug 1995 00:04:10 -0700
Organization: Portal Communications Company -- 408/973-9111 (voice)
408/973-8091 (data)
Lines: 32
Message-ID: 41mh1a$
Status: RO

Sean D. Ennis <> wrote:
>In <41df1h$> <Spectre> writes:
>]   How come there are so few posts here? Any ideas?
>Everyone's busy reading the AOLusers in 'alt.hacker'.

Or making it so no one has to... ;)


  Yet another I-Wish-I-Had-A-Real-Net-Connection hack... this one to
that same domain with *one* POP3 mail account for the <entire> domain.

  This service provider is nice enough to provide us with *one* registered
IP address... *sigh*  So, not wanting to sacrifice internet access for
my users (ie. I didn't want to listen to the whines about not being able
to, ftp, telnet, or whatever), I played router/gateway/firewall
with one machine... effectively making it the proxy server for the
entire system; and that's all it can do...  Hey, it's slow, but it
actually works... I can have my IP network on one side and they all can
make it out to the internet and do whatver they want (although there are
probably a couple of "gotchas" I have yet to exploit).


              In cyberspace, no one can hear you scream...

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