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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Re: rlogin revealed

Article: 8345 of alt.hackers
From: cantrick@rintintin.Colorado.EDU (Ben Cantrick (alias Macky Stingray))
Newsgroups: alt.hackers
Subject: Re: rlogin revealed
Date: 26 Jul 1995 18:09:15 GMT
Organization: Silky Doll Women's Lingerie, MegaTokyo, JP
Lines: 48
Message-ID: 3v60cb$ihq@CUBoulder.Colorado.EDU
Status: RO

In article <3v5ffa$>, Jonas Schlein
<> wrote:
>Whenever I use rlogin it appears on the 'w' command so other people can see
>what I'm doing. I know with telnet (at least at my site) aliases with
>in it seem to hide exactly where I am connected to. Also with telnet you
>can use just the command and then apply an open call once inside. Does
>anyone know how I can use rlogin who when people type 'w' they will not
>see where I am connected to?

  While I don't know of a way to hide the hostname you're going to, you
can hide the program you're using. I used to do this with my M* client.
It involves making a symbolic link. You make a symbolic link with a
fake name linked to your rlogin program. For example...

  If rlogin is in /usr/ucb/rlogin, and you want to appear to be using
"my_prog" instead, do this:

  ln -s /usr/ucb/rlogin ~/my_prog

  Now make sure your home directory is in your path before any directory
that has my_prog in it, and type "my_prog" Even
though you're using rlogin, on the 'w' list it will appear as:

schlein   t1       11:49am            1         my_prog whatever.mach

  This is not quite an ideal solution... they can still see where you're
going. But with a well-chosen name, it can be decently effective against
most people. Use 'nslookup,' for example. They'll think you're trying to
look up the IP number of whatever host you're rlogining in to.

  ObHack: My Linux box is on a dynamic SLIP. The SLIP gets killed every 4
hours or so because the demand for SLIP lines is so high and we have so
few SLIP modems. No problem, just set up a shell script (a hack in itself)
to determine if we're SLIPped, and re-run the SLIP dialer if we aren't.
Toss it in cron, and everybody is happy. Now the only problem is that I
never know what my IP address is! (They're dynamic, I get a new one every
time I dial in.) With some work and lots of reading man pages, I wrote a
demon to sit on port 5000 on a stable machine. My linux box telnets to the
demon right after it re-slips, and the demon deduces my Linux box's new
IP number, which it writes to stdout. Which of course has been redirected
to my .plan file on that account. Viola! Finger to see your new dynamic IP!

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