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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Re: Re: testin' a theory

Article: 7955 of alt.hackers
From: (E.J. Banning)
Newsgroups: alt.hackers
Subject: Re: Re: testin' a theory
Date: 3 Jun 1995 15:36:45 GMT
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Approved: sure.
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In article <3qo2l8$>,
>ok I will post a small hack, but I won't call it an obhack, because I
>don't like the principle. I realize that since I posted in alt.hackers I
>should post a hack to follow the charter, but I think the charter is wrong
>or inadaqute, if an obhack is necessary, the moderator should be modified
>to scan for it!
>that would save a quite a bit of bandwidth and frustrations.

I second that. If the alt.hackers newsgroup is *that* precise about the OB-Hack
the moderator should scan for it.
Furthermore, I think it is kind of childish to flame someone who has
(by accident,
or due to the simple fact that he has not yet heard of or read the FAQ)
to end his post with the OB, as I did (someone dared me break the
"code" of
alt.hackers, so thats what I tried to do).
I did get a few flames, and only 1 person who just *reminded* me that I
should have
used an OB. Now I can appreciate that, but the flamers are just arrogant
know-it-alls to me. It almost seems that guys like that roam the newsgroup
*only* to find newbies like me who they can flame.... Does it get them off,
I wonder ?

Anyway, thats my humble opinion.


Just to show that I'm not malicious and do appreciate the netetiquette
(if I'm aware
of it):

OB-Hack (it's not much, cause I aint a hacker): in my dorm we have 1 fridge
for all
the beer. Everyone is expected to write a mark for every bottle taken. Because
didn't work very well (bottles got lost), we devised a system featuring a
fridge-switch and a pen. If the pen isn't used within 30 seconds from
the moment
the fridge is openend, a rather annoying buzzer sounds, reminding the guilty to
put down his mark. Works very well, actually.

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