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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

My first

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Subject: My first
Date: 31 May 1995 22:31:27 GMT
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Ok, it is this simple to get in :)

Back in the old times when 1.2 Mb floppies were normal and since it is
quite dangerous to write on a 360 K floppy with a 1.2 Mb drive I decided
that is would be handy to have 3 drives in my computer, 360 K, 1.2 Mb and
a 1.44 Mb. Well, if you have a nice BIOS (eg AMI) the following can be
done. Put the 1.44 Mb and the 1.2 Mb drive on let's say a: and the 360 Kb
drive on b:. You can use the un-used drive 2 or drive 3 wire in your
floppy-cable to select the 1.2 Mb drive if there is no floppy in the 1.44
Mb drive. Just connect a transistor to the door-close IR-sensor of the
1.44 Mb drive and a little relais (maybe this relais isn't even
necessary) to it. Let this relais put 5V to the drive 2 or drive 3
select-line of the floppy-cable and put the select jumper of the 1.2 Mb
drive to 2 or 3 et voila! This way you only need a little modification to
your 1.44 Mb drive (the relais plus transistor fit in my drive).

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