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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

little calendar hack

Article: 7918 of alt.hackers
From: (Greg Alt)
Newsgroups: alt.hackers
Subject: little calendar hack
Date: 29 May 1995 23:11:43 GMT
Organization: University of Utah Computer Science
Lines: 10
Approved: USDA
Message-ID: 3qdkbf$
Status: RO

Here's a little something I banged out yesterday while bored:

alias ccal 'cal `date +%m\ %Y%n`|
sed -e s/\$/\ / -e s/^/\ / -e "s/ \(`date +%e%n`\) /#\1#/"'

(make sure it's all on one line...  I just broke it up to fit in this post)

Anyone think they can shorten this to under 80 chars?


Child Child Child Child

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