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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

1st post and general query

Article: 7876 of alt.hackers
From: (John Bailin)
Newsgroups: alt.hackers
Subject: 1st post and general query
Date: 25 May 1995 10:23:59 -0400
Organization: Very little
Lines: 21
Approved: Only reluctantly
Message-ID: 3q23tv$
Status: RO

Ok.  Another silly 1st post.  But I will include the ObHack.  Or a

One question to any and all; I believe my system software will end up
appending a "Sender:" header field in this message.  Any clues as
to who
is doing this, and how I might turn it off?

ObHack: Back when I was an obnoxious pre-teenager I discovered a neat
(or so I thought) way to bug my Big Brother's phone conversations.  I
had a telephone extension with that old 4 prong design and of course
found that only 2 prongs were necessary to make a proper connection.  I
soon discovered that if I inserted one of the necessary prongs in the
jack, and then wet both my index and middle fingers and made the 2nd
connection by touching one wet finger to the male prong and one wet
finger to the female receptacle, there was just enough resistance to
allow me to listen in but not be heard.

Oh well.  These are the stupid things that young siblings do :-)



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