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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Re: Hacker FAQ?

Article: 7861 of alt.hackers
From: (David Thomas Richard Given)
Newsgroups: alt.hackers
Subject: Re: Hacker FAQ?
Date: 23 May 1995 20:49:39 GMT
Organization: University Of St. Andrews
Lines: 33
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In article <3pohtu$>,
Michael Westfall <> wrote:
>WIll somebody please post the hacker FAQ? I have to do a presentation at
>school (in a computer science ETHICS class...) and wanted to differentiate
>what hackers REALLY are versus what all the hype leads everyone to THINK
>they are....

Check out the Jargon File:

under `hacker':


They say no hack too small...

for a in $*;
  dd if=$a of=/dev/audio ibs=32 obs=32 skip=1 2> /dev/null

This plays a list of .au files *without the headers*.

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