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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Wow, is this man stupid (Was: Evil Post!!!)

Article: 7721 of alt.hackers
From: (Peter Seebach)
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Subject: Wow, is this man stupid (Was: Evil Post!!!)
Date: 27 Apr 1995 13:38:27 -0500
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In article <3nm0cp$>,
 <> wrote:
>ObHack follows:

This is possibly the worst ObHack I've ever seen.

>Was having a little trouble convincing a elderly female regular church-goer
>to break commandments, so I reached into my reserve bag-o-tricks
>and pulled out an oldie-but-goodie: Lust. Seems the old broad found
>the young preacher attractive, so I just increased the flow of several
>hormone glands, and... you know the rest.

oooh, he said evil... hehehehe.  He talked about SEX!! Wow.  Evil is K00l.
Christianity is dull because they won't let me rape my children.  I have
a big ego and a small penis.

Y'know, honestly, with people like this around, I start wondering if maybe
the lunatic religious right isn't a better bet than the sort of twerps one
finds floating around sometimes.

Real hack issues:

1.  I recently picked up an "electronic organizer" (Radio Shack
EC-356).  For
$80 I can get a cable and some PC software to maintain stuff from it.  It
looks to me like the cable will be something very similar to a stereo
mini plug on one end... but can anyone give me likely guesses for which pin
is which?  I assume it probably wants ground, RD, and SD, i.e., pins 2 3 7
on an RS-232.  It has baud, parity, and number of bits specifiers, so that'd
be my assumption.

Assuming I can get that to work, I'll write a small program to talk to it on
any machine, and post it.  Well, any ANSI machine with a respectable
port interface, so presumably Unix.

ObHack: Stolen from Commodore's Amiga Unix patch disks: Produce disks for
a machine (in this case, a Sun) such that
$ sh /dev/fd0
runs the install script.  Sick to death of helping end-users through
complex sets of commands, I felt this would simplify my work.  How You Do It:

Create a shell script that looks like
/bin/dd if=/dev/fd0 bs=1k skip=2 | tar -xvf - ... (stuff)

put it through dd conv=sync to produce a 2k file starting with it.

cat that file and your tar file onto the disk.

compression could be added, but this was the key bit.  Later, I'll generalize
it to multiple disks, tapes, and things like that.  The goal is to be able to
write an install script for something, and then say 'make disk foo' and
have the directory 'foo', and all contents, packed up onto disks.


>Hell hath no fury like... who am I kidding?

I just want everyone to know that that was a stupid tag line, and I
really want these lusers to go away.  Sheesh.
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