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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

First Post ? and of course - a hack

Article: 7466 of alt.hackers
From: (B. Morris)
Newsgroups: alt.hackers
Subject: First Post ? and of course - a hack
Date: 2 Mar 1995 13:07:30 GMT
Organization: Taylored Softwear, Inc.
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First posting.  Does anyone know an ftp site where I can get
"BlueBeep" and the latest "CrackerJack". Thanks all..

	Have you ever wanted to get something on someone or
just generally get a recording of someone's phone conversations
"un-monitored" and without a "Razz", "Infinity"
or other box.
Basically, you can get a phone recording device from Radio Shack
(#43-228 (19.99) Single line, #43-236 (24.99) Multi-Line) and a
mic/remote micro-cassette recorder (#14-1175 (39.99) ,
#14-1176 (49.99) VOX model) With the VOX model you may not need
the telephone recording device (hereafter, TRD).
I haven't tried it but it makes sense. If you use the TRD, cut the
phone jack line on it and attach either clear thin wire thin gauge or
you may have to paint it according to the location of the target's
outside phone box. Usually this is on the side of the house or on a
pole away from the house (always within reach). Take a hard plastic
video cassete case (black), pop out the spindle stops, place the micro-
cassete recorder and TRD inside (it should fit depending on the size of
the micro you have), drill a small hole on the side of the video box,
and pull your wire through (use rubber sealant around hole). Now attach
small jumpers to the wires. These will be run unobtrusively to the phone
box and attached to the red and green posts. Now plug in the remote and
mike plugs into the micro (If you want to try using VOX instead, just
1/8" submini plug on jumper wire and plug into mic jack), turn on the
TRD unit (if using) and microcassete (make sure you use the slowest
speed as to get the most recording time), seal box with tape and bury
video box just under the soil. You can retrieve it in a few days
(nights) and see if you were productive.
A couple of obvious points:
	- best to work at night in shadows (2:30 or 3:00)
	- Have everything ready except to bury box and attach wires
	  you get there.
	- Scope out the area pretty good before retrieving.
	- If you have the expertise and the hardware (boxes), best to
phreak it.

   There are pros and cons to this non-phreak method.
  -  Greater risk in	retrieving.
  -  You have a permanent record "tangible" to offer to give to
  his wife
     (or whatever).
  -  No monitoring needed. Risk in getting close to your subject. You've
     left the screen
     of your 'puter. This worked well back in junior-high for certain
     teachers, etc.
Be careful and smart about it.

					B. Morris
	"The right of information access will always be held by the
	wrong side of politics - but we all need a worthy target"
					 - B. Morris

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