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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Re: Login masking?

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From: (Silvio Cesare)
Newsgroups: alt.hackers
Subject: Re: Login masking?
Date: 14 Feb 1995 07:43:35 GMT
Organization: Central Queensland Public Access Network (CQ-PAN)
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Jeff Garzik ( wrote:
>Here's an easy question:  Under a normal Unix shell (like ksh or bash),
>how does one mask their command line input, so that it cannot be seen by
>"w" and similar commands?

try replacing argv[0], (generally pathname) when using exec to execute, with
something of your own :)

> [ snip ]


umm.. a few years back when i ussing commodore computers i built a
joystick made from video arcade machine parts :)


trying to fit a stereo into an '84 subaru brumby in which the center console
is too small.. if anyones fitted a stereo to a brumby before i'd be _very_
interested in talking to you.



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