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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Think I finally got it...

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Subject: Think I finally got it...
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Date: 07 Apr 1995 21:38:15 GMT
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Well, after much watching, I figured out how to get in here.  I don't
think it was done all that attractively, but looks aren't everything
:-).  Now I just need to figure out what the other "trivial" methods
are (per the FAQ).

Making my home machine run like a Cray supe... Nah, no one would
believe that.  Hmm, hooking up my PC to run off the static electricity
>from  my pet cat walking through the house.  Nope, don't have a cat.
Well, since this is a weanie first post, how 'bout a couple of weanie
little hacks.

WHack #1:
Getting in to a system I used to by administrator for when I didn't
leave any back doors when I left.  I needed to update /etc/termcap to
try and get a better ansi definition in there.  It still isn't right,
but it's closer.

WHack #2:
On my old Color Computer 3, I added a third drive (3.5" 720K).  I
couldn't set the jumper to make the drive think it was drive 1 (as in
drive 0, drive 1, ...) because the manufacturer hadn't put the jumper
pins on the board.  But, the holes were there on the board, and were
even labeled "Second Floppy" right next to another jumper.  So, I
filed down a paper clip, stuck it in the board, soldered it in and
clipped it.  Then, I put a jumper on (made sure it fit before
soldering though, guess I was a weanie then), and viola, it worked.
And, when I loaned the drive to a friend when he fried his 3.5", I
simply removed the jumper and it worked for him.  Almost soldered the
bent paper clip in first time, but was glad I didn't when I let
someone else without another 3.5".


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