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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Hacking your boss :)

Article: 7389 of alt.hackers
From: (Sandor Rabe)
Newsgroups: alt.hackers
Subject: Hacking your boss :)
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 20:49:00 GMT
Organization: My first dosbox :)
Approved: I still have to come up with a nice remark to put here :)
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I hacked my boss...

I am  working on a redo of his dbase  programs to keep track of
customer  data and orders.  Because we  were going  to use this
database  with three persons at  the time I had to use the net-
work  version. Before I came  working there he was  on his own.
Well,  he still  uses his _own_  (very ugly and poorly written)
programs and,  even worse, he uses  them with his local version
of dbase, wich  isn't a network version.  AND all his  programs
lock the  database files.  So every time my  collegue and I are
confronted  with  the  message  "file locked  by another".  I'm
really  getting pissed  by this. So I asked him _several times_
to  remove the code from his  programs that lock the databases.
He wouldn't do it. So today when I got at the office I immedia-
tely  started up a  dbase box and opened the files that he uses
to lock.  Then I iconized  the box and  opened a second one, on
wich I began to work,  alternating between developing and ente-
ring data. The whole day, when my boss wanted to start up _his_
program, it refused to work 'cause I had those files opened all
the  time.  (I had to do this  with a second box  'cause my own
program  opens and closes the  files only when data  is needed,
not all the time).  Every time he looked at me with a big ques-
tion mark  on his face and then  I said;  "well, i guess you'll
have  to do some  coding on  _your_  programs if  you insist on
using them". Well he did, HE FINALLY DID!!! (he such a dork; he
refuses to start using my program, wich he assigned me to make,
I don't get that, do you?)

I'm sorry this is such a looong post but i had so much fun with
this  today i just had  to share it with you.  Anyway if anyone
knows a company that can use a good database programmer (dbase/
foxpro/anything), give me a post :)

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    E? N+++ K-
    W--- M- !V -po+ Y+ t+ !5 !j>-- R G? tv- b+ D++ B- e+>e--- n* h--
    f+ r+++
    n++(!) z* ___________________________ [dbase sux]

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