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Totestra mod compatibility

2015 update: A lot of these mods are no longer online, since AtomicGames went offline

Here are all of the mods I have tested with Totestra and whether the map script makes playable maps with the mod:

  • Fall from Heaven 2: YES (Furthermore, Cephalo made the Erebus map script)
  • Gods of Old: YES
  • Fairy Tale: YES
  • Next War: YES
  • Rise of Mankind 2.91: YES (There's also a RoM version of PerfectWorld)
  • K-Mod YES (En Dotter report)
  • Tamriel / Elder Scrolls: YES (There are multiple "Elder Scrolls for Civ4" Mods and/or maps out there; hence the hot link)
  • TAM/The Ancient Mediterranean: YES
  • Master of Mana: YES (BUT it gives an annoying error message when starting the map; MoM includes a port of Perfect World2 which may work better)
  • Legends of Ancient Arabia: ALMOST (The mod needs to be patched to make correct random maps)
  • Barbarians: YES (Warlords mod; smaller maps only)
  • Bare bones: YES (Warlords simple mod; it appears to exist as a framework for modders to start from. Nevertheless, you can play a Totestra-generated map with it)
  • Realism Invictus: YES (Must use "Play now!" and trudge through all of the options instead of "Custom map")
  • Community Civ V: YES (Appears to require admin privileges to play)
  • World War II 1939: YES (Requires admin privileges to play; world map is revealed at game start)
  • Mars, Now! MAYBE (I'm not sure how playable such a map really is, but it does generate and starts the player)
  • Future Mod 2b: MAYBE (Map undergoes "global warming" transformation and resulting game may not be playable)
  • Caveman to Cosmos: MAYBE (Appears to require admin privileges to play; also includes C2C version of PerfectWorld; some claim this won't work but it worked for me)
  • Mongoose Mod: MAYBE (worked in older versions, crashes with MM 4.1)
  • BUFFY/Hall of Fame: NO (While the HoF mods can generate and play a map with Totestra or Perfect World, these maps are disqualified for Hall of Fame games. Also, requiring admin privileges to play a game is something I really don't like)
  • Final Frontier: NO (But I had to try! And, of course, Cephalo made the Spiral Galaxy map script for FF)
  • Dune Wars: NO (But Cephalo did make the Arrakis map script)
  • Planetfall: NO
  • Rhye's and Fall Random: NO
  • Multiverse: NO (It might work if I didn't delete other BtS mods; if someone else tests it with positive results, let us know)
  • Pie Ancient Europe IV: NO (Mod enters a verified infinite loop when generating the map)
  • Pie Ancient Europe III: NO (Mod enters a verified infinite loop when generating the map)